Veni, vidi, scripsi

So! Here I am, again after a very long time.

I finished my internship a while ago and got an honorable mention for it. Yay!

I decided to continue blogging, so I came, I saw, I changed the theme of the blog (there’s some visual issues with earlier posts, I’ll fix them later on). A lot of things have changed since the last time I published a post; I wrote a couple of drafts for new posts,  continued working where I did my internship and I’m just a course (Statistics for Engineers) away from my computer engineer degree. Hopefully, I’ll be a full-fledged engineer by July!

I’m considering what other studies to do, after finishing my bachelor. Initially I was looking for a Gamedev or Game Design master, and I found one at Denmark (free as in freedom). However, as of December 2013, I’m getting very interested in doing something related to User Experience; not only it could serve me in almost any work, but it can also be applied to video games. By taking a gamedev-only master, I think I’d be narrowing my working options a lot, studying things I could learn by myself.

2014 is a year of changes in which I’ll work to get done a couple of ideas I’ve in mind, graduate and learn so much more.

Also, today, January 24, the Global Game Jam will be held and I’ll be participating on my first one ever, here in Venezuela. I hope things go smooth and that by the end of the weekend I can have a nice game to be proud of!

I’ll be posting about the experience, my internship and a project I’m working on, next week.

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