There and back again

I haven’t written anything here for a while, but I’m back.

After focusing on my studies, I successfully finished the last course (Statistics for Engineers) of my undergraduate studies. I’ll be getting my degree in a couple of weeks from now.

It does feel weird actually being able to say that this phase ended. I mean, it represents my past 8 years of life .

I also feel somewhat unease. I don’t know if it’s something common or not, but every time I’m on a project or something and my focus gauge ends, most of the excitement leaves and I feel a void. It’s like a kick back into reality and this was no exception.

The bright side is that I’m now free* (*certain conditions apply) to work on whatever I want, which should boost up my mood.


In other news, Steam’s Summer Sale 2014 finally ended. I was craving for it from a long time ago, hahaha. I got my hands into some great games (I hope I can play anytime soon). Some of the newcomers are:

  • Batman Origins: I’m currently playing it. So far I have mixed reviews about it and I’ll be writting something after finishing it.
  • Civilization V (Brave New World): I was waiting until I had all the DLCs for Civ 5 before playing it. The time has come, it seems.
  • Dishonored (Bridgemore Witches).
  • Resident Evil 4 and Revelations: while RE 6 was a piece of crap, I’m still very fond of RE 4. This was my guilty pleasure during the sale.
  • Age of Empires 2 HD: I got it cheaper through Amazon thanks to an error in the system.
  • BattleBlock Theater: I bought it because the trailer is plain awesome.
  • GameDev Tycoon: just as the other indie games I bought, this will probably be out on some Humble Bundle. Same as Batman Origins, I’ll write a thing or two about the game.
  • Don’t Starve: haven’t played it much, but so far I like the aesthetics.
  • Risk of Rain: one of my favorites, this was on my must-have list. I like the concept, gameplay and challenge. Thanks to the guys at Extra Credits for recommending it!
  • Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: I haven’t seen Naruto, but I’ve heard good things about the game.
  • Metal Gear Rising: I never had a PlayStation so I never got the chance to grow fond of games like Final Fantasy and MGS. I did tried to play MGS 2 for the PC, but I found it boring after the first minutes so I never finished it (or started it, to be fair). Just as with Naruto, I heard good things about this game and it seems more action-oriented, so I have all my bets around this one.
  • Bioshock Infinite (Season Pass): I played the vanilla version and had a great time. I don’t expect the Burial At The Sea DLCs to be as great as the original BioShock, but at least I hope it delivers a great experience like Infinite.

Also, I want to start getting into more jams to work on my skills and portfolio. I checked today and, surprise surprise:

As of this blog, I’ll be doing more Awesometracks soon (\m/). Additionally, I’ll do my best to write gamedev insights about games I play.

My journey is just starting :)

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