The universal is here

I haven’t blogged in a while, so here’s a quick rundown of what has happened since last time.

During my birthday, back in August, I worked with @pctroll in a Ludum Dare. Due to several circumstances, we couldn’t finish our project but we had a really great time. I got my hands full working on an opportunity that popped up and had to interrupt every other side project for a while.

I’m now 26. Feeling a little bit old, but not as bad as when I turned 25.

As I finally graduated (at last), I wanted to start working on my professional identity. I worked on a personal webpage, my CV and got a brand new domain. Also, I finally moved away from and moved my blog to At first, I wanted to start over the blog as I felt I was getting bored with the last one; I wanted to do something more random, not only gamedev related. I finally settled with importing some of my old posts and just continue my work here, where I left off. I also got rid of the old theme, it wasn’t what I was looking for. I think this one, Editor, is (mostly) what I needed.

Also, I finally got to play the Mass Effect saga. It was the third time I tried to play Mass Effect 1, as I always got stuck in the character creation section unable to decide how to customize my Shepard. I ended playing with the default model but with a custom class (Infiltrator) and background. I have to say I really liked the game. It got me hooked up from start to finish so badly that I played the sequel and the final chapter one after another. Mass Effect is not, by any means, a perfect game but it earned a spot in my list of favorite games.

While reading about the Mass Effect 3 ending controversy, I got an idea for the blog. Luckily, I’ll be working on it in the following weeks as I think I have a very interesting topic that can be discussed in order to improve the medium.

I also have more material about the horrors of bad gamedev, that should be fun.

The year is about to end and there’s still so much left I need to do. Yes, the universal’s here, here for everyone.

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