Testing HTML5 websites or games locally

Whether you're building a plain website or a game using HTML5, it's most likely that you'll need to try it via localhost and not just by opening it with a double-click (more info here). This guide shows how to accomplish that and, as an extra, how create hardlinks of folders in Windows. First, we must set up a… Continue reading Testing HTML5 websites or games locally

Unitilities for the rest of us

Unity is a wonderful engine, however if you start developing for it, soon you'll discover that some things are just painful to do or you start to notice that some basic things are missing. Some months ago, I started to put together many scripts I've been developing for various projects in Unity (and interesting functions… Continue reading Unitilities for the rest of us

Version control and Unity3D

[This post was updated on May 12, 2015] As I mentioned before, I've been working on a videogame project using XNA. However, the need to accelerate the rate of development required us to change our work habits and tools. Having decided to work with Unity, we started the porting of Dark Recon this year. Everything… Continue reading Version control and Unity3D