Scribblenauts unUnlimited

A few years ago I played Scribblenauts Unlimited, created by 5th Cell, and it was a let-down, at least for me. When I first played the original Scribblenauts for the Nintendo DS, I thought it was an amazing game. Years later I bought Unlimited, hoping to be playing an astonishing game. I must admit the game is… Continue reading Scribblenauts unUnlimited

Guacamelee and Dust

I bought the Humble Indie Bundle 11 and even so I already had FEZ and Monaco, it contained other games I was eager to try. Specially, I was looking forward to Guacamelee and Giana Sisters, and only having heard of Dust and The Swapper. I finished 2 games already and these are my thoughts on… Continue reading Guacamelee and Dust

The HD Experience

We live in an age that's simply wonderful. Technology is evolving each day at a vertiginous rate, up to the point where computers can simulate complex nature phenomena and astonish ourselves with lifelike images. But, at what risk should all that fancy stuff should be more important than the real matter, the core of the game:… Continue reading The HD Experience