Resident Terrible 6

Resident Evil 6 sucks. Roll credits.

Against all advice, I bought Resident Evil 6 a while ago (thankfully with a discount) hoping it would at least be a guilty pleasure. At a first glance I did like RE6 and found Leon’s campaign interesting. However, as I continued  playing, the flaws started to become more obvious and the fun started to drop.

I don’t mind the shift from Survival Horror to Action Adventure, in fact I think it was a necessary change to avoid getting stuck with the same old game over and over again. Mario games have reused the same mechanics for a long time now, but even Nintendo has found the need to innovate with games such as Mario Galaxy. I get it, Capcom needs to broaden the market of Resident Evil and clearly an action adventure game is more appealing (to the public) than the classic gameplay of RE2. I can only hope someone could be able to refine the Survival Horror genre and deliver the experience of the original games, pretty much like Telltale Games did with the action games.

I also don’t mind that zombies keep getting less zombie-like as players often want new stuff in each iteration and one way is by providing new challenges (e.g. new, smarter enemies).

My problem with RE6 is how unpolished and badly designed it is. It’s a mess and its problems crush any good thing it has (because it does have some good moments). The game is frustrating, not because you die but because why you die. I can’t conceive how you can release a game where you die just as you stand up after being saved by a teammate. The mechanic when you fall to the ground and must survive à la Left 4 Dead until a partner helps you or a timer ends (whichever occurs first) is awful, and if you are attacked while recovering in the ground you die (the problem being that you get to the ground very often). I can’t count how many times I died because of that.

Again, the game itself is not that hard but its design flaws are painful.

I liked the new inventory system (I currently hold a love-hate relationship with the diversity of styles unique for each character) and the ability to play different storylines that intertwine, and how each storyline provides a different feeling for the same game (Leon’s campaign being more like the old Resident Evils, while Chris’s more like RE5). My favorite pair is, without doubt, Sherry and Jake, followed by Leon and Helena.

Back to the difficulty of the game, I remembered the following episode from Extra Credits:

Regarding easy games, Tomb Raider came to my mind. A great game that adds unnecessary amounts of bullets into play and has pretty easy tombs (challenges). I sense disturbances in the Force every time I play a game (or movie) that has been dumbed down for a greater profit.

Long story short, games are becoming more easy as developers must assure the game can be accessible to the largest possible market. It’s logical, but also a setback to the overall experience. I also found that many indie games tend to be more difficult than the average AAA title, maybe because indie developers are not biased by a market but focus instead on delivering a better experience. Using the example of Super Meatboy (from the video), even if SMB is frustrating, it is more fun than RE6. SMB is frustrating because it was designed to be so. RE6 is just a malformed entity and the player is the one who suffers its flaws.

I haven’t finished yet the game nor have tried any of the multiplayer or online modes, but the single player has been so far disappointing.

Resident Evil 6 is as useless as a Magikarp doing Splash and annoying as a Metapod performing Harden.


I’ve finished playing the 3 main campaigns and guess what? RE6 still sucks.

From the narrative point of view, the stories end and there’s no big closure to the game. All the buildup throughout the game to have crappy endings. (It seems Ada’s campaign might have some answers…). I did enjoy the twist in the Piers-Chris campaign, but still think it fall short. RE6 is the interactive movie sequel of Resident Evil: Damnation.

The use and abuse of Quick Time Events resulted very annoying. Why would a player want to press the same button over and over again, for more than 1 minute, to climb a building?

That’s right, a DINOSAUR. Resident Evil 6 has a dinosaur. That boss is a man who transforms into a centaur, later a dinosaur and ends being a giant fly because reasons.

This game is a mess.


Just found this video from the guys of Miracle of Sound.


The game still sucks.

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