Refactoring the blog

I dedicated some time to update this blog, as I left it unattended for a couple of months.

Visually, I modified the CSS of the theme (Editor) to fix some nuances that bothered me; there are still more around, but I’ve dealt with the main ones. I like this theme but, honestly, what kind of sicko puts small grey text over a white background?

Structurally, I decided to re-organize the categories of the posts. Currently it goes like this:

  • Articles: everything I write that is either an informal opinion or criticism on topics that I may see, hear or even  read about; plus any other kind of news worth being told. May contain traces of nuts.
  • Essaysin contrast to Articles, these essays are more serious posts. I’ll be using this category to publish any kind of thoughts that could nourish a given topic. Update: This category is now merged into Articles.
  • Tutorials: everything that counts as a how-to, tutorial, guide or MacGyverism will be listed under this category.
  • Reviews: my opinions and thoughts on either games, movies, books, etc.
  • Status Updates: for these kind of posts: updates on the blog and any other kind of personal anecdotes.
  • GameDev Diaries: my adventures as a game developer and a programmer.
  • Awesometracks: recommendations on the greatest soundtrack.
  • Projects: anything related to projects I work on, specially updates and postmortems.

Whereas previously topics such as GameDev and Game Design were categories by themselves, they are now tags; I think this way is clearer.

Still, the most important thing is missing: content. Back to work!

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  1. Way to go :). And yes, the RSS feed had some problems while you were rearranging the blog but now I can read it well on Feedly (just the excerpts but what the hell xD)

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