GameDev Diaries: Introduction

I haven’t written much about my projects in this blog, ironically being that something I’ve meant to do since I started it. Following what I did with Awesometracks (which I should continue working on more often) and my Articles, I came up with GameDev Diaries as a means to fulfill this objective.

The idea is to make a concise summary of the things I learned and did, keep track of how long they took me and what were my roadblocks. And while at it, it can also serve as a point of reference for anyone else wandering a similar path.

My first approach will be a general, weekly entry; but, depending on the circumstances, I could be writing more or less often.

Being this the first post on the subject, here’s what’s going on.

These following months I’ll be working on learning new skills and tools, as well as practicing others, that will help me grow as a developer.

Some of the things I’m interested in studying and refreshing, are:

  • 2D Development:
    • GameMaker: a great tool, not only for prototyping but for development as well.
    • Phaser: I’ve talked about this framework before.
    • SDL: which includes working with C++.
    • Unity2D.
  • Graphics:
    • Shaders: at least the basics of Unity’s shader language: ShaderLab. The next step will be learning GLSL and HLSL.
    • OpenGL: even if you work with high-level tools like Unity or UDK, it’s very important to understand what’s going on in deeper levels.
    • Basic 3D modeling with Maya and/or Blender.
  • Unity
    • The new UI
    • The Animator
  • Game Design: I have plenty of books and articles to read. This week, for example, I read I Have No Words And I Must Design, by Greg Costikyan.

I would also like to participate on One Game A Month, so it can be the perfect way to study and try some of the things listed above. And this is also an opportunity to work on bigger projects for my portfolio; I’m figuring out the details, but I want to finish two of them at least by August.

May this be a productive week.

Cover photo taken from anyvanille