2015: En avant, en avant, chevalier!


It seems like an eternity since the last time I wrote here. Although I haven't been neither able nor inspired to keep the blog as updated as I'd wish, I have been reading it again from time to time. Aside from finding typos in several posts (time to hire an underpaid intern, I guess), it has been a… Continue reading 2015: En avant, en avant, chevalier!

2014: Thanks for all the fish

Another year has gone by and it felt both too slow and too fast at the same time. This has been a year of change and growth. I finished my internship in January, after returning from the holiday vacations and presenting it; I got a mention for it. Through January 24-26 I participated in my first Game Jam and made Pike… Continue reading 2014: Thanks for all the fish

The universal is here

I haven't blogged in a while, so here's a quick rundown of what has happened since last time. During my birthday, back in August, I worked with @pctroll in a Ludum Dare. Due to several circumstances, we couldn't finish our project but we had a really great time. I got my hands full working on an opportunity that… Continue reading The universal is here

There and back again

I haven't written anything here for a while, but I'm back. After focusing on my studies, I successfully finished the last course (Statistics for Engineers) of my undergraduate studies. I'll be getting my degree in a couple of weeks from now. It does feel weird actually being able to say that this phase ended. I mean, it represents my past 8 years of life . I… Continue reading There and back again

Awesometracks: Introduction

I love soundtracks, that's a true fact. My appreciation for this type of music began around the time I started my undergraduate studies, back in '05. The first three OSTs I recall having heard were: Saint Seiya, Cowboy Bebop and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Since then, I've had the great opportunity to hear even more awesome pieces of work. I… Continue reading Awesometracks: Introduction

Bonus disc inserted. Now loading…

Hi there! I made an attempt at starting two blogs on 2011 (one personal, the other one about gamedev); both failed and died pretty quickly. Specifically talking about the gamedev one, I think its fate was doomed by the approach I was applying. I tried to make a blog where Spanish-speaking people could begin their way… Continue reading Bonus disc inserted. Now loading…