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Hi there!

I made an attempt at starting two blogs on 2011 (one personal, the other one about gamedev); both failed and died pretty quickly.

Specifically talking about the gamedev one, I think its fate was doomed by the approach I was applying. I tried to make a blog where Spanish-speaking people could begin their way into videogame development. The problem was that I am also trying to start my way in that area, so how could I teach others when I didn’t have a clue about? And then it hit me: I needed a change of paradigm, one that recently fueled the idea behind this blog.

And so, these are the characteristics of this iteration of Bonus Disc:

  • English, mothercoder, do you speak it? After all, I need to practice my second tongue.
  • I will focus on my experiences and discoveries on videogame development as well as other areas, like general programming. This means no rush to write something.
  • Regarding videogame development, I will continue to use part of the approach from last time and not only work with code but with art, design, narrative and others as well.

I was planning the début of the blog the 1st of January, 2013, but I prefer to wait some more time to work better on a couple of initial blog posts.

Nevertheless, Happy New Year 2013!

May the blog be with you, always.

Featured image taken from the Bomberman Wiki.

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