Awesometracks: Mass Effect

I recently started listening and enjoying a new soundtrack from a trilogy of games that hooked me up a while back: Mass Effect.

Mass Effect is a science fiction action role-playing third person shooter, developed by BioWare, that represents one of the cornerstones of modern sci-fi.

The trilogy spans over 9 albums of futuristic ambient music and was inspired by classic sci-fi movies like Blade Runner.

Mass Effect

The first game has one album with 37 tracks, composed and produced by Jack Wall and Sam Hulick.

This soundtrack has a mood of exploration, discovery and awe that works perfectly with the world the developers were trying to build.

Some of my favorite tracks are:

  • Mass Effect Theme
  • The Citadel: just, wow. This song is embedded with majesty and awe, proper of what The Citadel represents at that point in the game. This is also the track that reminds me the most of Star Wars.
  • Love Theme: very gentle song.
  • Uncharted Worlds: somehow this track reminds me of Death Note but with a more cheerful beat.
  • Vigil: the most nimble of them all.
  • Sovereign’s Theme.
  • The End (Reprise).
  • M4 – Part II: an insert song by Canadian band Faunts used during the credits.

Mass Effect 2

The second installment of the franchise is perhaps the most prolific in terms of music, with seven albums and around 60 tracks in total. Aside from the core album, two more added even more music from the game and even the DLCs, while the last one consists of pieces that were not used in the game.

Must-hear tracks are:

  • The Illusive Man: ME2’s leitmotif.
  • The Normandy Reborn
  • Horizon
  • The End Run
  • Suicide Mission: probably one of the best pieces of the whole trilogy. Call me crazy but this one and The End Run sound very similar to this scene from the 50th Anniversary special of Doctor Who.
  • Reflections: ME2’s love theme, not as great as the first one but good nevertheless.
  • Chatting with Mordin
  • The Final Reckoning

Although not part of the official soundtrack, I’d like to include the songs that Mordin sings throughout the game.

Mass Effect 3

Due to undefined reasons, Jack Wall didn’t participate in the project; however, the game’s soundtrack saw the return of veteran composers from ME 1 & 2 (like Sam Hulick) and a newcomer: famed composer, Clint Mansell. This one is the most cinematic in terms of music, between all three games.

The album has 25 tracks, plus 7 more available for free as part of the Extended Cut. But my preferred tracks are:

  • The Fate of the Galaxy
  • Leaving Earth: composed by Clint Mansell, this track perfectly captures the sense of imminent danger and hope of the story.
  • A Future for the Krogan
  • I’m Sorry
  • Aralakh Company
  • Reaper Chase
  • I Was Lost Without You: the best love theme of the trilogy. I particularly love the version sung by Tali, one of your possible love interests.
  • Das Malefitz / Credits: another song by Faunts, the reason why it sounds so similar to the credits of the first Mass Effect.

Mass Effect has a wonderful soundtrack that captures the essence of awe and epicness that characterizes the trilogy.

I can’t wait to hear what BioWare is planning for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Until then, here’s the playlist of the aforementioned tracks:

What’s your favorite Mass Effect song and album?

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