Awesometracks: Machinarium

Music can be a great companion when you’re working and choosing the correct piece is fundamental.

Whenever I need to go full focus, my usual pick is something eerie, ambient or minimalist, and Machinarium’s OST tends to fulfill that role spectacularly.

Released in 2009, Machinarium is a graphic adventure created by czech developers, Amanita Design. The soundtrack itself was composed by Tomáš Dvořák and is a mix of electronic and ambient music.

Its tracklist consists of 14 songs (plus another 5, available for free as a Bonus EP), from which I’ve bolded my favorites:

  1. The Bottom
  2. The Sea
  3. Clockwise Operetta
  4. Nanorobot Tune
  5. The Mezzanine
  6. Mr. Handagote
  7. Gameboy Tune
  8. The Furnance
  9. The Black Brotherhood Theme
  10. The Prison
  11. The Glasshouse with Butterfly
  12. The Castle
  13. The Elevator
  14. The End (Prague Radio)

  15. The Robot Band Tune
  16. Pipe Wrench Dubstep
  17. Game In The Brain
  18. Defusing The Bomb
  19. By The Wall

Overall, it’s non-instrusive and works very well when you’re doing mechanical tasks; it’s also fresh and original, so it has high replayability.

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