2015: En avant, en avant, chevalier!

It seems like an eternity since the last time I wrote here.

Although I haven’t been neither able nor inspired to keep the blog as updated as I’d wish, I have been reading it again from time to time. Aside from finding typos in several posts (time to hire an underpaid intern, I guess), it has been a great experience to see how I have grown across these 3 years.

Bonus Disc is now three years old!

Back on the first post, I stated that my goals were to practice my writing skills, share my experiences and discoveries, and talk about game development. Those goals are truer than ever.

The second half of 2015 had me full of work, first trying to finish all the necessary paperwork to start my post-graduate studies and then starting it. Aside from the missing exams, I have already finished the first three modules of the Computer Game Engineering MSc at the Newcastle University in the UK. But there are no excuses for the lack of new posts or advances in my projects.

I had to learn a very hard lesson in the past months, as I spent valuable time writing over the tool we used during a course. While I regret nothing, as I’m sure I learnt much more from that than by blindly using the given framework, it still cost me half my grade. I’m striving towards continuing building my little game engine and, hopefully, write about it in this blog.

2016 will be a decisive year for me. I need to focus myself and give my 100% on the remaining modules of the master studies and do my best to find a great place to work afterwards, a place where I can unleash my full potential, learn even more and finally begin my life as an independent person.

It won’t be easy but what a ride will it be.

Until then, en avant, en avant!10476987_1155277577832274_3055249333693485411_n

2 thoughts on “2015: En avant, en avant, chevalier!”

  1. I’m really happy for you. It’s not an easy ride, but I’m really glad to be there first row watching you improve your skills and building up to be the best person and developer you can be.

    Can’t wait to eat burgers in person and talk about our game dev adventures =)

    Wishing you the best, always.

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