2014: Thanks for all the fish

Another year has gone by and it felt both too slow and too fast at the same time.

This has been a year of change and growth.

I finished my internship in January, after returning from the holiday vacations and presenting it; I got a mention for it.

Through January 24-26 I participated in my first Game Jam and made Pike & Boulder, together with two friends from work. I’m looking forward 2015’s.

On June 5th, I assisted as a speaker at this year’s JOINCIC (Interuniversity Congress of Computer Science), along with Jorge Palacios and another friend from work. Our topic, Profitable Game Development In Venezuela (support material here, in spanish), dealt with the different ways to make a living out of gamedev — specially in Venezuela, where there’s no proper or relevant industry to mention.

I got my degree in Computer Engineering, after coursing Statistics, on July 14th.

On August 23rd, I turned 26. And before September, bade a see-you-later to my girlfriend, who went abroad to study for a master’s degree.

I revived this blog from its ashes, gave it a new redesign and domain (it started at wordpress.com), and worked on my personal site. In fact, today’s the second anniversary of Bonus Disc; a toast for a thousand more!

And until today, I continued to work at the same company where I did my internship, first supporting and then leading its first mobile game project, Ringed. After a bureaucratic slowdown, we managed to release the game for Android, iOS and BlackBerry 10 on November 15th.

Lately, I’ve been planning my 2015. My main goal will be starting my postgraduate studies, luckily related to game development. There’s so much to learn, practice and create until then; it will not be an easy task but no pain, no gain.

Some of my plans include to:

  • Learn and practice shaders, the Unity animator, the new Unity UI.
  • Deepen my knowledge (and practice) of game design.
  • Continue developing Unitilities.
  • Study german, italian and danish in Duolingo.
  • Nurture my portfolio.

So long, 2014, and thanks for all the fish.

Happy New Year 2015!

Cover picture taken from: Gratisography.com

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